Lighting Blessing Lamps at the Holy Miracles Temple for the Second Half of the Year of 2021

Registration Link : The Holy Miracles Temple will offer everyone the opportunity to request Blessing Lamps be lit in the Hall of the Dipankara Buddha once the construction is completed. The Great Treatise on the Perfection of Wisdom states: “When Dipankara Buddha was born, all things around the Buddha were like lamps. That is why the Buddha is called Dipankara Buddha, or Light-bearing Buddha.” The Hall of Dipankara Buddha is located on the holy place where Buddhas bestowed holy amrita from the sky. Once the construction of the Hall is completed, the Dipankara Buddha Statue will be respectfully enshrined in Continue Reading →

Who Is His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III?

Who Is His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III? Five Key Points about the Buddhist Spiritual Leader Buddhism is among the largest religions in this world. The original founder of Buddhism and the religion’s highest spiritual leader in the universe is Dorje Chang Buddha. He is worshiped by all major sects and schools of Buddhism as the earliest primordial Buddha.  Buddhists belong to a religious belief that understands the universe’s nature of no-birth and no-annihilation and human beings’ original nature of true such-ness are one and the same. They believe in the cycle of transmigration driven by the law of cause Continue Reading →

Supreme Buddha-Dharma Once Again Astonishes the World

By Liu Yinghong – Asia Journal Press In Buddhism, mastery over one’s own birth and death has always been a legend. Yet, in September of 2018, I saw that with my own eyes! The Buddhism founded by Sakyamuni Buddha has been propagated in the world for more than 2,000 years and has evolved into various sects and schools, each with its own teachings and traditions. Patriarchs, eminent monastics, and greatly virtuous people have all talked about how they themselves possess the best teachings, boasting that they themselves can teach people the ultimate accomplishment and liberation. Yet, what are the results? Continue Reading →