Lecture: Code of Human Body by Philip Yang 8/29/2021

CODE of Human Body–To disclose the secret of human health Series II — Hormones & HealthBy Philip YangSunday 8/29/21 2pm-4pm PDTYou may not be surprised by the fact that fatigue might be the result of lower hormone levels, but you may be confounded the following diseases have the same cause:  ArthritisOsteoporosisLower back painsSciatica, bulging discsBlurry visionTingling of limbs (fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes)Memory lossInfertility …Before rain pours down, if you prepare an umbrella, you can avoid being drenched. Our health is just like the capricious weather, we have to make accurate forecasts and be ready to cope with the unexpected change anytime. Fortunately, we Continue Reading →

佛弟子訪談:AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國洛杉磯寶塔寺方丈 香格魁智法師

佛弟子訪談(一):AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國洛杉磯寶塔寺方丈 香格魁智法師 佛弟子訪談(二):AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國洛杉磯寶塔寺方丈 香格魁智法師 佛弟子訪談(三):AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國洛杉磯寶塔寺方丈 香格魁智法師 佛弟子訪談(四):AM1300中文廣播電臺 專訪美國洛杉磯寶塔寺方丈 香格魁智法師