Lighting Blessing Lamps at the Holy Miracles Temple for the Second Half of the Year of 2021

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The Holy Miracles Temple will offer everyone the opportunity to request Blessing Lamps be lit in the Hall of the Dipankara Buddha once the construction is completed.

The Great Treatise on the Perfection of Wisdom states: “When Dipankara Buddha was born, all things around the Buddha were like lamps. That is why the Buddha is called Dipankara Buddha, or Light-bearing Buddha.” The Hall of Dipankara Buddha is located on the holy place where Buddhas bestowed holy amrita from the sky. Once the construction of the Hall is completed, the Dipankara Buddha Statue will be respectfully enshrined in the Hall. The Hall will be consecrated to formally become the Dipankara Buddha Hall where faithful Buddhists can request the lighting of Blessing Lamps to make offerings to the ancient Dipankara Buddha, and generate boundless merit. Lamp-lighting in front of Dipankara Buddha, in the Holy Hall where holy amrita once descended, will be the most magnificent place to beseech good fortune, surpassing the auspiciousness of any other lamp-lighting occasion in the world.

A Great Holy Guru who is of higher status than holy virtuous persons will chant sutras and mantras before Dipankara Buddha to generate additional merit for those who request Blessing Lamps to be lit. Every day, Dharma masters will recite mantras, chant sutras, and perform Dharmas in front of the lamps offered to Dipankara Buddha to beseech good fortune for all those who request the lighting of Blessing Lamps, praying for their good health, career success, prosperity in business, growth of good fortune and wisdom, and success in academic study. They will also pray for the prosperity of the United States and the peace of the American people. This exceptionally magnificent empowerment is not what any ordinary temple can offer. 

In response to enthusiastic requests from faithful Buddhists in all walks of life, online registration and on-site registration are now open. All are welcome to give rise to sincerity and request the lighting of Blessing Lamps to beseech good fortune. 

            After receipt of your meritorious donation is verified, your registration forms for lighting Blessing Lamps will be presented to the Great Holy Guru to beseech good fortune and additional merit. If the receipt does not match the pledged donation, the registration form will not be presented to the Great Holy Guru. 

The names of recipients who light Blessing Lamps to beseech good fortune will be listed in sequential order in the book of record and stamped by seal. The book of record will be made available at the temple for everyone to check and verify. If your name is not in the open book of record, that means you have not completed the registration procedures to request lighting of Blessing Lamps. If you have made the donation but cannot find your name, please contact the monastics at the Holy Miracles Temple and present your receipt.

            The Holy Miracles Temple is not an ordinary temple. This Temple is managed in an absolutely fair manner in accordance with true Buddha Dharma. To strictly guard against corruption and fraud, the Temple does not have an abbot or a prior. Even the role of guest prefect is shared among the monastics. All matters are evaluated and decided collectively. Therefore, currently, this is the only temple in the world that is managed by a collective leadership.

This temple is empowered by Holy Gurus of three levels: Shangzun, Jiaozun, and Ruzun. They take turns to perform Dharmas at the temple to serve faithful Buddhists. Recently, the great Dharma of Uncovering Terma with Direct Verification was performed at the Temple by a Great Mahasattva who is a Yuzun. The Buddhist undertakings conducted at the temple are exceptionally rare and magnificent, such as the great Dharma of Holy Fire Offering, the Dharma of Uncovering Terma with Direct Verification performed by the Great Mahasattva Yuzun, and the Refuge Ceremony held for non-Buddhist spirits and celestial beings. As of now, this is the only Temple where an Inner-tantric Mandala has been established. The hall-blocking Vajra scepter used in establishing the mandala weighs 1,000 jin (approximately 1,100 pounds.) It remains at the front entrance of the Grand Hall of Shakyamuni Buddha at the Temple.

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